Landscape Architecture Department of Istanbul Technical University has completed a successfull workshop with  University of Seoul. Study area was chosen as Nodeul Island in Seoul, which is one of the islands located in the middle of Han River, the 800m wide river passing through the center of Seoul. Even though there have been numerous discussions to develop the island up to recently, the island is still remained empty. Perhaps, among various spaces in Seoul, Nodeul Island is the place which has the greatest number of proposals. Including two international architectural competitions Jean Nouvel, a prominent French architect, won, there are more than 200 ideas on the island proposed by well-known architects, landscape architects, planners, and designers. Then, we may want to ask a question. What was wrong? Why great design ideas were not able to create great space?  In this workshop, we thought about various issues about the urban space through examining complicated issues on Nodeul Island. We  examined the threshold between ideas and realities, and questioned any bias on traditional design and planning.