Landscape Architecture Department Web Page Banner Competition

Landscape Architecture Department invites you to the banner competition in  honor of 10th anniversary of foundation of the Landscape Architecture Department. In this context, the department is looking for fresh ideas to represent itself in its web site as an institutional entity, as a collaborative body of its students and its faculty.

The department is welcoming innovative ideas that reflect different perceptions and interpretations of the concept of LANDSCAPE.

The winner entry will be posted as the main banner of landscape architecture departmental web page by the beginning of the new year.


The new year will come with the new banner!


Format for submission:

Poster size: 1000 px (width) x 500 px (height)

Resolution: 300 dpi


Deadline for the posters: 21 December

Submission will be mailed to

Note that the winner will be announced on 24 th of December at the opening ceremony of 10th anniversery of Landscape Architecture Department. The location and time for the event will be announced.