Doğa Dinemis Kuşuluoğlu

Dinemis Kusuluoglu

Name: Doğa Dinemis
Surname: Kuşuluoğlu

Place of Birth : Izmir
Date of Birth : 05/05/1988
Address : Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi Cad.

Yaman Apt. No: 36/11 Göztepe Istanbul

E-mail :  /





2011-      Research Assistant at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture


2013-            Istanbul Technical University – Landscape Architecture Doctoral Program

2011-2013    Istanbul Technical University –MA Landscape Architecture

(2010-2011)  EnsapBx (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux) Erasmus exchange student for six months

2007-2011    Istanbul Technical University –BA Landscape Architecture

2002-2007    Kadıköy Anatolian High School


Turkish – Mother tongue

English -Fluent

French – Intermediate


KUSULUOGLU,D.D., 2013. Qualitative And Quantitative Evaluation Of Children Playground In Kadıkoy Istanbul. ITU Graduate School of Science Engineering And Technology, Masters Thesis, Istanbul.



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K.1. 1999-2011    Royal Academy Of Dance, Ballet, Graduated in 2011.

K.2. 2005-            Member of Kalamis Rotary Club