’20-’21 Fall Landscape Desıgn Studıo Reports

Landscape Design I-II: Decoding the Monopoly of Sensescape

Landscape Design I-II (CRN:14007 – 13936): Decoding the Monopoly of Sensescape – Istanbul

Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya
MSc. Landscape Architect Balin Özcan Koyunoğlu
Res. Assist. Nebahat Kalkan

By starting from a board game production, this studio deals with discovering the sensescapes of Istanbul and de/coding of this discovered space-perception sequence through a landscape design approach blended with virtual and spatial augmented reality.

Landscape Design II: New Normal New Old

NEW OLD / NEW NORMAL : Re-Thinking the Neighborhood Landscape
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru ERBAŞ GÜRLER • Res. Asst. Nergis AŞAR

Action defines place. 2020 was a year that makes the whole world understand the value of open spaces. Also it became a critical year which makes us revise the ways that we use them. The relations between home and open spaces re-transformed. The way we use place, adapted to the “New Normal” while the new normal caused the re-arise of old in new forms. “New Old”. Places are the same yet our acts are different. In this context, the main axis of 2020-21 Academic Year, Landscape Architecture Project 2 Studio is, re-examination of the relation between action and place in respect to contemporary circumstances through the unit of neighborhood. The main aim of the studio is to search for the ways to form open space designs and living spaces with high adaptation skills by examining Selimiye and Salacak Neighborhoods which are in one of the oldest settlements of İstanbul, Üsküdar, through the context and memory of “place” also through the relation between action-place and “new-old” term.

Landscape Design III: Design as Protest

Design as protest: How can landscape architects stand for and build just futures?/ÜSKÜDAR

Prof. Dr. Hayriye Eşbah Tuncay, Res. Asst. Gizem Aluçlu
Ar-Ge long existing fault lines of inequalities and injustice tear the fabric of democracy and make our cities even more vulnerable. This studio questions whether we can re-envision conditions required for socially just futures.The studio seeks socially relevant, professionaly valuable, visionary and experimental projects supported by data and field work.

Landscape Design IV: Landscape Architecture for Justcity / Üsküdar

Prof. Dr. Hayriye Eşbah Tuncay, Prof. Dr. Gülşen Aytaç, Res. Asst. Başak Akarsu, Res. Asst. Gizem Aluçlu

This studio focuses on social dimension of sustainability without overlooking the environmental and economic dimensions. Withouth justice it is impossible to have sustainability.Justice is a problem of distribution and also it is a problem of how we communicate with each other.Thus the studio focuses both on distributive justice ( how to distribute things) and procedural justice ( how to do that, how to include the voice of vulnerable populations).

Graduation Project: Landscape Democracy-Taksim

Core Jury: Prof. Hayriye Eşbah Tunçay, PhD. / Prof. Gülşen Aytaç, PhD. /Assist. Prof. Melih Bozkurt, PhD.
Guest Jury Members: Assoc. Prof. Olgu Çalışkan, PhD. / MSc. Arzu Kutkam / Zuhal Kol / Carlos Sanz
Research Assistans: Nergis Aşar / Gizem Uluçlu

This year’s graduation project asks whether the landscape can provide a path to spatial justice. It questions the relationships between landscape, democracy, space, and justice. These crucial and somewhat related concepts are highly contested with the landscape’s definition concerning democracy, justice, and space and landscape as the materialization of democracy. The purpose of this project is to eloborate on how Taksim Square amd Gezi Park go beyond being a ‘social and political green’ and adapt well to changing social needs over time.