Re-Thinking the Neighborhood Landscape

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru ERBAŞ GÜRLER • Res. Asst. Nergis AŞAR

Action defines place. 2020 was a year that makes the whole world understand the value of open spaces. Also it became a critical year which makes us revise the ways that we use them. The relations between home and open spaces re-transformed. The way we use place, adapted to the “New Normal” while the new normal caused the re-arise of old in new forms. “New Old”. Places are the same yet our acts are different. In this context, the main axis of 2020-21 Academic Year, Landscape Architecture Project 2 Studio is, re-examination of the relation between action and place in respect to contemporary circumstances through the unit of neighborhood. The main aim of the studio is to search for the ways to form open space designs and living spaces with high adaptation skills by examining Selimiye and Salacak Neighborhoods which are in one of the oldest settlements of İstanbul, Üsküdar, through the context and memory of “place” also through the relation between action-place and “new-old” term.