F. Ayçim Türer Başkaya, Doç.Dr.

Doçent Doktor – Associate Professor

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Assoc. Prof. Fatma Ayçim TÜRER BAŞKAYA PhD. has a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Istanbul University with an awarded degree. She received her MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Urban and Regional Planning from Istanbul Technical University. Since 2002, she has been an academician in the Landscape Architecture Department of Istanbul Technical University and conducting several theoretical and studio courses to the programs of Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, and Urban Design. In 2009, she worked as a visiting scholar in the Landscape Architecture Department of Kassel University, Germany. Her research areas are standing at the interphase of planning and design concerning “urban socio- ecological systems”, “disaster sensitive studies, landscape reclamation and restoration”, and”coastal – riverine landscapes”.  She is the coordinator of the Landscape Architecture Graduate Programs and head of the Scholarship and Award Commission of Faculty of Architecture.