Graduate Project I (CRN: 24059)

will be led by Prof. Gülşen Aytaç, PhD. and will be assisted by Res. Asst. Gizem Aluçlu in spring 2021.

Water is truly a substantial element for our planet.  From the very early times, humans have been trying to find water sources for their existence and a constant water supply is a prerequisite to build a great civilization.  Civilizations are emerged by formation of cities where large populations can be supported.  Cities have been the centers of sharing the natural resources, exchange of ideas, trade and etc. Throughout history, water shortages and its abundance shaped how cities evolved.  The fluctuating patterns of its flow often created problems and resulted in crises. Today, almost every city is under the pressure of water scarcity due to climate change, poor urban planning decisions and unpredictable population growth.

2020-2021 Spring Graduate Level Landscape Studio is to understand the water patterns throughout the history in various cities and analyze the outcome of how they overcame problems to be resilient to sustain its power or became insignificant in history.

Using the precedents, the goal is to find new and creative solutions for a 21st century city that is facing the inevitable global crisis.