Pollinate temasıyla, Atatürk Havalimanının çalışıldığı 2019-2020 Bahar Dönemi Bitirme Projesi uzaktan eğitim ile başarılı bir şekilde tamamlandı.

2019-2020 Spring Graduation project that focused on Atatürk Airport with the theme of ‘Pollinate’ was completed successfully via online education.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meltem Erdem Kaya, Assoc. Prof. Dr. F. Ayçim Türer Başkaya, Assist.Prof. Muhammed Ali Örnek Res. Assist. Elif SERDAR, Res. Assist. Nergis AŞAR

Technoscape: Eco-district of IstanbulSadiye Gülgün Atalay

“In this project, landscape is used as a metaphor of airport, aims defining and sustaining the sense of place, supporting cultural memory, creating balance and relationsbetween local and regional dynamics, sustaining the concept of globalization and localization of the airport through the functions, making the area productive for landscapeagain and creating
possibilities for collective working for the local people.The Atatürk Airport is built in 1912 in Istanbul, so it was a great development for technology in Istanbul, the new landscape proposal also should be innovative and an impulsefor future developments.
The idea of ecodistricts designates an urban planning aiming to integrate objectives of sustainable development and social equity and reduce the ecological footprint of a neighborhood, urban area, or region. This notion insists on the consideration of the whole environmental issues by way of a collaborative process.”

Atatürk Airport: Data İstanbul, Cultural and Ecological Center: Transforming and Spreading – Duygu Durmaz

“Operational landscapes become the keystone that determines the mode of transformation process of Data Istanbul, as well as in the understanding of landscape urbanization, by having a potential of being the initiator of new processes. A virtual platform that includes geographical and forestry data base will affect the ecological and cultural mode of transformation by pollinating data on a national and international scale.
While the urban landscape system proposal is formed under three main topics; biotechnology with the science fields, permaculture understanding and phytoremediation processes. Data Istanbul provides ecological restoration by the opportunity that emphasizes the importance of the
accessibility of the data while changing and improving itself within its environment for the ecological thresholds. “