LANDSCAPE DESIGN II (CRN: 23325) CLIMATE CHANGE, WATER & SOCIAL JUSTICE will be led by Prof. Hayriye Eşbah Tuncay, PhD. @hetpeyzaj and will be assisted by Lâl Dalay @l.dalay in 2021-2022 Spring Semester.

Prof. Hayriye Eşbah Tuncay, PhD.

Assisted by Lâl Dalay

Cities have to deal with urgent environmental problems. Future projections, including the IPCC report, warn us to act fast on climate change and a zero-carbon future. As the unbridled global climate crisis proceed, humanity faces the challenges of too much or too little water. The recent United Nations Climate Change Conference emphasized unprecedented threats to urban landscapes and vulnerable communities. Thus, not only the amount but also the equitable access and provision of water becomes a critical issue. In this context, Landscape Design II studio tackles the social justice dimension of climate change and equitable water distribution in a multiscale, and multidimensional way. The studio combines landscape, architecture, and urbanism strategies to explore how design at different scales can address the challenges of urban landscapes in a constantly changing world. Within the scope of the studio, students will explore the intertwined themes of water and social justice, and propose alternative urban scenarios which will enhance the daily lives of urban communities at a human scale and ecosystem scale.