LANDSCAPE DESIGN III (CRN: 23328) VIRISSIS-VERISSA: POST][NEW Landscape Scenarios for Kaynarca-Kırklareli

LANDSCAPE DESIGN III (CRN: 23328) VIRISSIS-VERISSA: POST][NEW Landscape Scenarios for Kaynarca-Kırklareli will be led by Assist. Prof. Dr. Melih Bozkurt @mel_bozkurt with the help of Fatma Sultan Yaman @fatmasultanny, and the consultancy of Gülce Kantürer @gulcekanturer in 2021-2022 Spring Semester.

Let by Assist. Prof. Dr. Melih Bozkurt

Assisted by Fatma Sultan Yaman

2021-22 Spring Term Landscape Design III Studio focuses on the transformation of the rural-urban relationship. When the reality of climate change is added to this relationship, which sometimes confronts us with the dimension of conflict and sometimes interaction, new agenda items have emerged for the settlements between rural and urban areas. In this context, the studio focuses on the Kaynarca settlement in Kırklareli. The oldest known name of Kaynarca is VIRISSIS-VERISSA, meaning “the sources”. The region, which dates back to 500 BC, is known as the Venice of Thrace today due to its water system. However, Kaynarca has much more than this name which is tried to be made popular and a tourism commodity. The main challenges for this settlement, which has been highly affected by the urban-rural conflict, are the combination of industry and agriculture, migration to the city and reverse migration, depreciation of production and changing production styles, ineffective use of water resources, ignoring historical and cultural values, the Thrace vineyard route, and problematic relationship with the surrounding settlements. In this context, the main purpose of the studio is; to discuss the rural-urban relationship with its current situation and related issues, and to develop visionary POST][NEW landscape design scenarios for the settlements between these two extremes.The objectives of the project as follows; To understand the dynamics of the relationship between rural and urban, and to discuss current approaches and theories on the subject at local and global levels, To conduct urban/rural reading of the typical Thrace settlements, and develop visions for the place and agenda of the Kaynarca region, To Interpret the multi-layered structure of the area with today’s life dynamics, threats, and user needs, taking into account its potentials and problems. To develop site-specific design scenarios that offer experience by exploring the socio-ecological systems, and abstract and concrete structures in the Kaynarca landscape.