Landscape Architecture Master’s Project II, designed around research-based design approaches, aims to present the multi-layered structure of urban spaces within the urban texture of the Historic Peninsula as an inter-scale urban reading. This landscape reading aims to evaluate the whole and its parts with an anatomical approach and to understand the system between the parts. In this context, the main subjects of the studio are mapping, defining, typologically classifying the gaps, constructing the detail-system relationship and developing a holistic green infrastructure system with the strategies to be developed for these areas. In the project, improving the urban ecology of urban spaces, increasing biodiversity, constructing water management, bringing them into urban life with their rich functional constructs, enriching the social content by increasing the public use values ​​of these spaces will be discussed within the scope of the multi-disciplinary structure of the studio.

Assoc. Prof. Meltem Erdem Kaya, PhD.

Assisted by Research Assistant Nergis Aşar