2019-2020 SPRING SEMESTER Meliz Akyol Alay P.h.D - Tarık Yaşar (T.Y.L.A) - Res. Assist. Elif Serdar Yakut

Landscape Design I studio course introduces students to the fundamental elements of landscape design at the scale of public space in the urban context. The studio investigates the landscape design methods and approaches, based on morphological, experiental and visual, to develop spatial landscape setting with diverse programs and functions. The studio helps students to develop spatial literacy, representation of landscape and critical design thinking. The objective of this studio is to gain an understanding of the design process and hybrid solutions to common conceptual design problems.

Module 1.


Designing Playground for Imaginative Minds

The Playground design encouradge students to rethink space and user relations through the eyes of a child. This module of the studio aims develop creative thinking aproach in small areas.Yet these areas are parts of a bigger system, ITU campus. Eventually, students are asked to consider a larger landscape system while designing a smaller part of it. Yet the user profile is a specific group, children at kindergarden level.

Module 2.                  


Urban Landscape Contex

The Urban Landscape Contex Module, aims to investigate the methods to understand the morphology of an urban pattern and the role of landscape design to generate public space .The studio helps students to develop spatial design for specific sites from Balat and investigates the relation between site scale and urban scale, the program and fuction of landscape.