Landscape Design III (CRN 22891 and CRN 22155)
will be led by Assoc. Prof. Ebru Erbaş Gürler and Assist. Prof. Melih Bozkurt and will be assisted by Res. Assist. Çisem Demirel and Res. Assist. Merve Fermancı in spring 2021.

Kadıköy, one of the oldest and densest settlements in Istanbul, is in a similar situation. In the district, which is an important transportation and trade center, artificial infrastructures have made the natural one invisible (Kurbağalıdere) and has led to the green system coming from the coast to fragment in the centre and turn into undefined – dysfunctional parts.

In this context, the main purpose of the studio is to understand the problems that contracts this node, to understand all tangible and intangible dynamics, to develop a blue-green system proposal and program proposal, and to produce open space landscape designs.